Thursday, January 19, 2012


I got to thinking the other day about the lack of jobs out there and it occured to me that if all the seniors out there actually retired, there would probably be enough jobs for those of us who can't retire yet and have a family to support.  I'm not bashing seniors by any means here, but really, they are getting their social security checks and are supposed to be retired!  I know the checks are not much, for many, but for the most part their bills get paid and they have food.  Some of us are really struggling for basic needs.  I go into my local Walmart and I swear half the people who work there are seniors!  It's crazy!

Gone are the days of walking into a place, filling out an app and talking with the manager and getting hired.  Not any more!  Everything is done online, for most places now.  But that's not the hard part.  The hard part is having to take those stupid assessment tests!  Whoever came up with that idea, should be thrown in jail!  Those tests are so stupid!  I have NEVER had a problem finding a job, until recently, because of those crazy tests!  I KNOW I would have a job at a store right now if it wasn't for that test.  Those tests mean nothing!  Every manager that I've talked to agrees with me!  It's so frustrating!

So between those tests and seniors still working, it's no wonder there are so many people out of work!!

Turn Back Time

Don't you just wish you could turn back time sometimes?  It would be great if we could go back and do things over, knowing what we know now.  Don't get me wrong, I love my family and wouldn't change that, but looking back at high school for instance, I didn't really challenge myself.  I took all the easiest classes i could and breezed through them.  I graduated with my class, but I didn't really do anything.  I was never into sports, still not.  I didn't belong to any clubs, unless you consider Chorus a club, which most don't.  I basically went to school, did my work and went home.  Talked to a few "friends" along the way and that about it. 

Now that my kids are in school, I really wish I did more in school.  Half the time I can't help my kids with their homework!  It's crazy!  I knew a lot of these things when I needed to in school, but now, forget it!  Social Studies was the worst!  I hated that class!  History never interested me, still doesn't.  I don't even like movies that take place in old times.  I guess you could say I am a modern girl, I don't like "old" things.  Many people like antiques, I hate them.  I don't even care for wood things, like wood furniture, a table for instance, I would prefer something like a glass table.  I'm not saying wood furniture isn't nice, because it is, just not my taste.

Seems like years ago, kids and people in general were much more polite and respectfull.  These days, your lucky to get a Thank You from people.  Parents these days, some not all, just don't teach respect anymore.  Everything is about "Me" and the hell with everyone else.  It really sucks.  Society is really going downhill and going fast.  Where will we end up?  Nobody knows............


When it comes to music we all have our own opinions as to what is good.  I was a teenager in the 80's therefore I love the 80's music.  In my opinion Michael Jackson and Madonna were the King and Queen of the 80's!  I love them, even now.  Now when I say I like someone, that means I like their music, movies, etc.  I could care less about who they are married to, how many kids they have, what they wear  or how they live their personnel lives!  I just don't care!  People these days put to much time and energy caring about these things.  These people entertain us, they are people just like you and me.  They are not perfect.

I do have to admit I do like some of Lady Gaga's songs.  But when I heard Born This Way, I couldn't believe my ears!  I don't understand how she could get away with making a song with the same music/beat as one of Madonna's songs.  But, Madonna, the great business women she is, didn't put up a stink.  She more or less has kept neutral about it.  I'm sure she is not happy about it, but it puts her song back in the spotlight, even if for a short time.  It is a great song, Express Yourself.  Poker Face is one of my favorite Lady Gaga songs!  Love it!  Bad Romance is great also!  There are more I like, just can't remember the titles at the moment.

Katy Perry, she has a bunch of great songs, ET is awesome!  There is just too many to list!  lol

I have mainly listened to Pop and in the 80's I liked the Hair Bands, Rock, basically all the hits and of course the one hit wonders!  I never got into country music and I really don't like Hip Hop.

I remember when MTV first came on, OMG those were the days to be a teenager!  lol  I watched the Top 20 Countdown every week.  This was back when they actually played music videos and they weren't all videos of half naked bodies all over the screen.  The videos were entertaining.

I could go on and on about music I like, but I have things I need to do, so that's it for now.  Feel free to comment if you wish.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

READ FIRST - Welcome

Hello, and welcome to my little slice of the web.  If you looked at my profile you already read this, for those of you who havn't........The main reason this blog is listed under "Adult" is because if I want to fucking swear, I will!  Don't expect me to be politically correct either, I'm done with that bullshit!  So, if you get insulted or upset easily, LEAVE NOW!  Because chances are no matter who you are, at some point I will end up insulting you, nothing personnel!  You have been warned!!